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matrix rain screenshot

Matrix Rain (p5.js)

hyperterm theme screenshot

Hyper Terminal Theme (hyper-dark-vibrancy)

base64 converter web app

Base64 Converter Progressive WebApp


slack-spin slack bot

gis viewer

GIS Viewer Concept

base64 chrome app

Base64 Converter Chrome App

destructeev node app

Destructeev - One time read messages

groundsure ordering platform

Groundsure GIS Ordering Platform

pdf compressor api

PDF Compressor Web Api

nero denney dot com v1


Nero Denney

I am a web developer with a strong interest in front end web design and development but I also work with backend systems mostly within Microsoft stack (C#, and so on). My passion is for front end design as I love to get quick visual feedback about what I am creating.

Services I offer

  • Responsive web design
  • Wire framing
  • Rapid prototypes
  • WordPress blogging platforms
  • Self-hosted or fully managed web sites
  • Want the ability to manage and update your blog? I can build it and hand over the control to you.
  • Don’t want that headache? I can host and manage the site for you, leave all the techie bits to me.

My Workflow

Includes modern tools such as

  • Grunt/gulp build systems
  • CSS3 or SASS
  • HTML5
  • GIT or Mercurial version control
  • Skills

Experienced in

  • Front end development
  • HTML, CSS, JS ♥
  • Gulp, grunt ♥
  • SASS – bourbon ♥
  • Bower ♥
  • AngularJS ♥
  • Material design ♥
  • Backbone, underscore, jQuery
  • Typescript ♥
  • Back end
  • C# 6.0 ♥
  • LINQ ♥
  • Java
  • Other tools
  • GIT
  • Mercurial
  • Teamcity build systems

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